Google Scholar- Making the Lives of Students Easier

“Include a minimum of two scholarly sources in your discussion post.” Who has time to pull up a library database for a 400 word discussion? Better yet, “include two scholarly sources in your replies”; who has time for that for a simple discussion reply? Many classes require the inclusion of academic journal articles in discussion posts and short papers where it ultimately takes longer to pull up an e-library, run a query, scan through an article, type out a quote, and create a citation than it does to actually write the rest of the content of the post. Don’t waste your time- use Google Scholar.

This is your magic link to fast and easy scholarly information for simple discussions and short papers where no one has the time or interest in actually reading multiple scholarly articles. Follow these steps to knock out scholarly article requirements in less than 5 minutes:

  • Type keywords into search (ex: childhood obesity)

  • Filter dates on left side of screen to “since 2011” or whatever date range your class requires. If you click on the "custom" option you can set specific dates (ex: 2008-2012)

  • Copy quote from search selection and “paste special", "unformatted text" into word document. Paste special is found by right clicking into your document where you want the quote to be placed, then selecting the "paste special" option. (Paste special allows the quote to be placed into your paper with your current font and removes formatting from Google.)

  • Click on the “cite” link underneath the article you used

  • Copy and "paste special-unformatted text" the APA, MLA, or Chicago style citation that Google provides into the references section of your paper.

  • Add reference to the end of quote (ex: Gupta, Goe, Shah, & Misra, 2012, p.45) If you aren't sure which page the quote is from, use the first page in the citation provided. In completing thousands of papers, never once has a professor verified the page number of the citation for anything I have written.

  • Repeat for desired number of sources.

  • As a quick tip, your textbook title can also be input into the search box and Google will produce results that include the citation for your text as well, which can save time if you are required to include your textbook as a reference.

  • Write discussion post or paper around quotes.

  • Select entire document and format to Times New Roman, Size 12

  • Add formatting if you are writing a paper, or simply copy and paste your text into a discussion box.

  • Voila! Your discussion or short paper is done without requiring any actual reading of scholarly articles, without having to login to any library database, and without having to format the citation for the reference section.

Now, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out that perhaps the best way to save time when writing discussion posts and papers is to have a tutor write the paper for you! A tutor can take an online class for you and you can have your homework done for you, without requiring any more effort than a simple email to:

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