Client Testimonials

Over the past several years we have continued to accumulate testimonials from our clients and have compiled them here.  For those of you who contributed to this extensive list- thank-you!  We would not be where we are without your business!

The essay I paid you for got me into my first choice MBA program...not the cheapest option for an entrance essay, but worth it. June 8| by PN


Big props to my tutor.  She pulled a 100 on my final paper which is what I needed for a B in my Master’s HR class.  Next time you guys just get to do the class from the start instead of me not being able to decide all semester and only hiring you to write my final paper in a last ditch effort to pass with the grade I needed for the program. June 6| by Eddie


I graduated this week! I started using your service four years ago and except for the few classes I had to take in the classroom my tutor handled everything.  I am not a good reader. I am an ESL student, so if I did not have your help I could not have graduated from American university. I received promotion at work that I need for income. Because of you my daughter will be going to private school kindergarten next year. Thank-you forever.  May 10| by Maria


You answered my texts at 2am when I thought my tutor had done something wrong in my class.  She didn’t, I wasn’t understanding how the project had been submitted, but it saved me a few hours of thinking I might have failed my final project. May 3| by PiKapBro


Thanks for talking to me on the phone about your blog post! I didn’t understand the splitter/switcher thing and you explained how it works and texted me the link for what I needed to buy on Amazon.   May 1| by QW


Thank-you for always being on top of things. I completely panicked at the end of class when I realized there was a group project page and it turns out the tutor had been doing everything in my group since the second week of class when it started.  It’s probably bad when the person doing my class for me read the syllabus better than I did- you are beyond worth what I keep paying you.  April 27| by Aaron


My tutor saved me.  She (he?) re-wrote part of my paper for me without charging me extra when I forgot to give you part of the directions the first time and my teacher made me re-do it.  I would have paid to fix it, but the fact that you did it for free really made me even more impressed with the service. April 19| by CANurse


I only used your service for my paper because I wanted to go on vacation with my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and I didn’t realize we’d have no cheap internet.  I spent half my vacation worried that it wouldn’t be done and when I finally had email again it was in my inbox waiting for me.  Got an A- very, VERY relieved and will refer you guys to others. February 22| by JRG


Thank you for referring me to your blog post when you told me a tutor couldn’t do my proctored exam. Cheating on ProctorU was a huge pain in the [neck] but I passed Algebra thanks to your post.  February 7| by PiKapBro


Many thanks to the person who answers the phone and emails.  I was really nervous about using this site and you always calm my fears.  My tutor has never missed a deadline or earned a low score on anything and yet you never made me feel like I was bothering you when I would email and ask if the tutor was done working yet.  My tutor was exceptional, but the customer service and sincere kindness was even better.  January 27| by LK


Thank-you again for all of your help.  Final grades are up and all 7 classes at both schools are A’s- one is a 99.1, a little funny.  December 18| by Xavier


My tutor ended both my classes with what looks like A’s based on the finals that just posted.  Wish I had known about you guys sooner!  December 15| by ND


Today my tutor submitted the last draft component of my dissertation before I begin compiling the final version next semester.  Like everything she has done since my second year of undergrad, through Master’s completion, to this point, it was superb. Please convey to her again my appreciation for a job well done. December 11| by DR


EA’s tutor got me a 97.5 on my Comp final.  It was 10 points over the grade I needed to get the required C in my class so I don’t have to take it again.  Would have paid twice as much if I had known they’d score that high. November 15| by Jon


The essay you wrote for my scholarship won me $500- thanks.    October 30| by Louie


Your tutor completed the last 4 weeks of my class in 4 days and I went from a D to a B.  I very much appreciate the help and will be using you again.   October 27| by RD


Today is my first day of law school- thanks to my tutor.  Because of her work over the last few years I ended undergrad with a 3.9 GPA.  Since my 150 LSAT score didn’t get me into the school I’m at, I’d say the entrance essay you guys wrote and that GPA are what got me here.  I really just wanted to say thank-you again; I am indebted to that tutor.     August 24| by Future J.D.


I GRADUATED TODAY!  Thank-you for getting me through the last three semesters- I couldn't have juggled a full-time job and a full-time courseload without help and now finally I will qualify for the raise that my family needs.    August 21| by YF


My tutor is awesome. Thank-you so much for your help during summer semester.    July 29| by KT


I got an 94 on my 10,000 word semester project that I gave you guys a week before it was due. Thank-you, thank-you, forever thank-you.    July 8| by Billie


I am writing a review for Executive Academics because I don't see anywhere else that one can be posted online.  I have been very happy with this service.  I used them starting in 2012 for my work on my BS and just started using them again for my MBA work.  My work is always done on time, my grades are always good, and they deduct the sell-back amount for my books from the last semester from the cost of their service for the next semester.  Saves me time and hassle with shipping back books.  July 1| by AA


Used your business for my undergrad and Master's and asked for a quick proofread of my resume. You were cheaper than the resume people I found online and found a bunch of mistakes I had overlooked.  I really appreciate the extra service.    June 20| by LE


I am satisfied with the performance of my tutor.  You pulled my F to a B- in the last three weeks of my class. I wish I had hired you earlier in the semester.  June 18| by BR


I was worried about using you guys at first, but you more than pulled through.  A's in both my classes- will use you for fall semester.  April 30| by EJP


Please let my tutor know that I much appreciate her work.  I have never gotten a 99 in a class before!  April 19| by Andreas


You guys are AWESOME!  Thanks so much!   March 8| by XT


Was given your business name from a friend of one of your tutors and have been happy with the results.  My tutor has gotten a 100 on all four exams so far in my 8 week class and A’s on the papers.  Wish I had known about you guys years ago!    February 12| by Sandy


Just seen my grades for the 3 week condensed winter semester- both A’s.  Thanks to my tutor I spent Christmas relaxing and not stressed.   January 8| by TRB


Grades just showed up in my class.  First time using this service and not a single complaint.  I specifically asked for a B, so the tutor just didn't complete the last two assignments so I would drop from a mid-range A into the B I needed.  Figured since I failed the class twice, it might be weird if I nailed it the last time I had the option to take it, but good to know that I could have had an A.   December 30| by Andrew


My tutor rewrote a paper for me in a few hours after I gave you guys the wrong topic. Thank-you- I would have failed my class.  December 30| by MM


First semester done! The tutor you gave me took all 5 of my 16 week classes and I ended with 3 A's and 2 B's- will be using you guys for Spring semester! December 29| by Kenzy


Grades from my final semester just posted- final GPA 3.6, of which my tutor handled the entire last two years of my undegrad program. Wish I could put this on Yelp or Google or something- can't say enough good things about Executive Academics.  December 29| by Mitch


After 3.5 years of working with several tutors, EA has completed my entire undergrad degree as of today.  My final GPA is a 3.8 and I will be using them again for my graduate work in January. December 22| by CN


My tutor completed an entire self-paced Master's class in a weekend- not sure how that was possible since it was well over 60 pages of writing, but not complaining.  Four A's and one B as my final paper grades in the class. Never doing my own classes again- you guys are awesome!   November 29| by Jeanie


Got an A on my paper- saved me weeks of time and for the money, more than worth it.  September 29| by KR


I'm a college graduate! My tutor never once missed a deadline in two years of using this service and I never had a final grade less than a B. Huge relief to be finally finished and could not have done it without EA.  August 20| by Lillianna


Very thankful to my tutor- helped me finish last four semesters of degree program.  August 3| by SA


100% on the paper I ordered!  July 17| by Jake


Super happy with my tutor- your service allowed me to finish nursing school and still be able to work to pay my bills.   June 28| by LL


Looking forward to another semester with y'all! A few more and I'm graduating!  June 3| by Ryan


My semester ended a few weeks ago, but I wanted to send you a testimonial quick.  For the first 2-3 weeks of my semester I logged in everyday to make sure everything was done, then the next few weeks I logged in every other day, and finally by the end, I only logged in on the nights things were due.  My tutor never once missed a deadline, never once posted anything in my discussions that was unprofessional or made me sound stupid (which was a major concern I had), and earned me A's in both classes that I had.  Thank-you for doing what you said that you would, when you said you would, the way you said you would.  Such a rare thing in business today and I very much appreciate it.   May 18| by Tamra


Finished out my first semester with my tutor at a 4.0 GPA.  Will be referring my friends to this service.  May 5| by GL


Y’all just finished out my last semester and I just want to send a quick thanks for everything you do. Your quick email replies, professionalism, and the great work over the last two years will forever be appreciated. April 28 | by Leslie


I am almost a college graduate! Thanks to your team and your work over the last three years, I will walk at commencement ceremonies next month. This would not have been possible without my tutors and I will forever sing the praises of this service. Thank you times a million. April 15 | by KL


You guys are AMAZING! Thank-you so much for being online last night at 11 your time and emailing me the answers I needed for my team presentation. I could not have asked for a better response time and will use you guys again in the future. April 2 | by Jason


Please thank my tutor for the work she did in my marketing class last semester. My tutor did everything either early or on-time and it very much reduced my stress level. March 17 | by Estelle


Was upset to find out your tutors were all booked for my nursing class, but I did want to post a quick review regarding your help on my paper. I had used another site who had my paper written by someone who sounded like English was not their first language and the fact that you squeezed me in last minute and rewrote the whole thing will be remembered. Keep me a spot with my old nursing tutor for summer! February 22 | by RA


Thank-you EA! You guys saved me again. Very much appreciate the quick turnaround on my creative writing paper and the reasonable price. Will refer you to friends. February 16 | by JL


I wanted to drop a quick line as a review for my tutor. She got such a high grade in my Algebra class I had to have her skip the last couple discussions so no one would wonder why my C GPA suddenly pulled an A. Thank-you SO much for being reliable and honest- it is beyond appreciated. January 28 | by Elle


Executive Academics is amazing. I'm a real person/student, wish I could post this review on Yelp or Google Maps or somehow help more people learn about this wonderful business. I honestly felt like I was the only customer and all of Executive Academics was revolving around me. Outstanding service with a personal touch, very responsive and quick to reply to all contact. I always felt like they were just sitting there waiting to help me with anything I needed, lines of communication were always open. I got great results in all of my classes. To top it all off they offered to sell my textbooks for me right out of their office, which is what I would have done myself, but they saved me the trouble and refunded me the full sell-back value of my books. I can not say enough about how great this experience has been. Seriously, don't bother shopping around, because I did. Executive Academics is one of the cheapest options out there for this kind of thing, and IF you can find something cheaper, I promise it's worth every cent to go with Executive Academics. I look forward to working with you guys again in the future. Thank you so much for everything!! January 21 | by SB


Totally forgot my school semester ended tonight instead of this Sunday and I signed on in a panic at almost midnight. Talk about freaking Friday the 13th. Looks like your tutor did not forget the shortened last week, everything is finished. Thanks for being on top of it. December 13 | by Justin


As of yesterday, my semester is over! Just wanted to drop a quick comment and tell you how impressed I am with my tutor and how fast you always answered my questions. I was probably annoying the first few weeks and I appreciate that I always got a fast response. Since it says “sent from my iPhone” on some of my stressed out emails, I assume someone who was not actually working at the time took the time to deal with me and my nerves appreciate it! I have reserved my tutor for January and this time I’ll try not to blow up your email/phone every time I have a question! December 12 | by Jaeny


You guys are awesome. I cannot believe my professor emailed me needing information on an essay I didn’t read (or write) that you guys had submitted. I about died. I emailed you guys and in less than 20 minutes someone was in my school email answering all the questions the prof had. I figured since it was a Sunday afternoon I was on my own, but the quick response was great. December 5 | by Allen


Ok, so my class ends in a week and I wanted to send a comment for your page. First, thank-you for not being a*sh*les about me paying my balance a few days late the first week of class. It’s been a little tight the last few months and when I emailing asking for a few days extension I figured you’d tell me where to go and all I got was a sure, no problem. Last, thanks for giving me an awesome tutor. The dude has a 99.8 in my class- not a grade I’ve ever seen in my life. Really appreciate the job you do and look forward to next semester. November 30 | by AS


Just a quick review for my tutor. Thanks for the quick turnaround on my paper. Getting home from Thanksgiving to find out I had a paper due in a little under 12 hours was an awful way to end the holiday and you guys saved my grade and my sanity. Thanks again. Will recommend you in the future. November 29 | by Ed


I had to write this review because the person who answers the email for this company went out of her way to help me. I asked for a quote on a class and for $700 for the entire class it was over my budget, so I asked for help with only the tests. The woman (I think it’s a woman) sent me a link to the test bank for my class and told me that last time they had taken this class at my school all of the answers were in the test bank. As it turned out, I am a little over halfway through the class and every week all of the answers have been on the website she sent me. I’m grateful for the help, but just astounded by the fact that someone who could have easily made a profit off of me simply told me where to find all of the answers without charging me a penny. Thank-you for helping someone out when you got no benefit from doing so.  November 12 | by Jean


I tried this company on a bet with a friend of mine. I really figured this was a scam, but my class just finished out for the semester and I didn’t have a single issue the entire time. I still get kind of a kick out signing on to my class on a Sunday night and seeing my entire week of work just finished for me.  October 30 | by Malik


Many thanks to my statistics tutor. I failed the class twice before I finally hired this service to manage it and I ended the class last week with an A. Will come back in the future. October 19 | by IG


The hospital I work at just started requiring all nurses have a BSN. I have 4 kids and a husband- I don’t have time for that! I hired this service over the summer and my tutor was wonderful. She took 2 classes for me and earned A’s. I requested the same tutor again for my classes that started 6 weeks ago and looks like I’m going to end the semester with another 4.0. This has been so amazing, I wish I could hug my tutor- not kidding!! October 12 | by RNKenzy


I suck at school and online classes was even worse. I failed two classes last fall and ended up hiring this service to take a full course load last spring. I went from 2 F’s and a D, to 4 A’s and a B. Used them again over the summer and ended with all A’s. Im totally never taking my own classes again. September 12 | by Eric


I just had twins and my husband is deployed. I only had my tutor for one class this summer, but I plan to use her for a full time course load through the next few semesters. Extremely happy with my tutor and the service overall.  August 19 | by Laney


Love my tutor!! :) I have used this service for a few semesters now and I always ask to keep the same tutor. Nothing has ever been submitted late and I have earned all A’s (except for one B). :) August 10 | by AM


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I am in the military and regularly do not have access to the internet. There is no way I could earn a degree if a friend of mine had not recommended the site. I was a little leery at first, but within the first week I was thrilled. I have used this service for almost two years and it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.  June 30 | by Kayden


I am new to American school and I am enrolled in online classes. I had very hard time reading the amount of reading needed for my English classes. I hired tutor to complete only my English class, but now I use her for other course work as well. I am very please with this service. June 17 | by Ahmed


I was a homeschool student and when I entered college I failed my entire first semester. I hired this service to help me earn my AA and the tutor that I was assigned has so far finished my AA, finished by BS, and is now working on my Master’s. Extremely thankful. May 8 | by CLM


I hate school-it’s an epic waste of time and money. I hired this service to finish out my degree for me. Right now we’re a little over three years into my program and outside of scheduling my classes each semester, I don’t do jack. I think my GPA is like a 3.8 or something around there. Not bad for never even having to look at a book. Apr 30 | by Aaron


I’ve been using this service for the last few semesters and I am so grateful for my tutor. Everything is always finished on time and the way she posts in my discussion board generally makes me laugh. My papers are written without any errors that I can find and I really don’t think I could have found a better service to work with. Apr 17 | by Leena


​Was stranded out of town with car issues and no access to computer. Hired this service to write a paper that was due that night, they emailed it to me, and I sent it to my prof from my phone. Person who wrote it scored higher than I did all semester. Would def use this company again. Mar 3 | by JG


Thank-you for my tutor. I am just move here and I have hard time with writing part of online class. I have high degree from my country yet work in America does not accept. I graduate with very good GPA thanks to tutor. Feb 18 | by Iliah​


I graduated at the end of fall semester with my BSN. My tutor also had a degree in nursing, which was pretty obvious in all of her work. I had this service complete the entire online component of my degree and I couldn’t be happier. Money well spent.  Jan 21 | by NrsMry


Needed help in a class that I was failing badly. I think I had like a 24% and I only had a month left. The tutor ended up pulling me to a low B before the end of the class. Saved me almost $1500, cuz I would have had to repeat the class to graduate. Jan 2 | by MrSmith179


​​I was deployed unexpectedly and I was already past the drop date in my class. These guys finished out my class for me and I ended up hiring them again for my next two classes. Dec 23 | by EJR​​


I had a hard time keeping up with 2 of my online classes and I was behind about 6 weeks in a 12 week class. My tutor caught me up on all my late work and I ended up with an A in both classes that I was failing at midterms. I reserved the same tutor again for spring semester. Dec 18 | by Sam​


Got stuck in BFE with my family over Thanksgiving with no internet access other than my phone. They had a tutor login to my online class and complete a week of work so I wouldn't lose points and I decided to let them finish out my semester since they scored higher on everything than I did doing it myself. Nov 28 | by Lena​


Had a family emergency and needed a paper written in a pinch. With 12 primary source requirements and less than 2 days notice, I was surprised to find someone who would write it for me at a reasonable price. Had to dumb down the paper a bit after I got it so it wasn't obvious to my prof, but I was impressed with the work. Nov 2 | by Jay​


These guys just finished out my Eng, art, western civ, and accounting classes. They got me all A's and I've already reserved my tutors for next semester. Oct 20 | by LSM


​I have used this company to write 4 papers over the course of summer semester. I had the papers finished before they were due. Major time saver. There currently doing two online classes for fall, so will post another review after they finish. Sep 17 | by Isaac​​


I needed to pass Calculus and Estate Planning. Got a 98 in Calc and a 92 in EP.  Sep 03 | by EllaZ


​Used these guys when I was deployed and couldn’t access my classes on a regular basis. They got me 4 A’s and saved my GPA.​ Aug 18 | by JB


​Finished fast, paper was so good compared to my regular writing I had to explain to my prof that I had my sister proofread it, lol. ​July 13 | by Alyia ​​


Scored an A on my paper. Will use this service again. ​​June 02| by USFsk8tr ​​​​


Needed a 10 page paper in less than 24 hours-site saved me. Got a B. May 18 | by BW ​​


Had them do my entire Calc class...ending grade was an A.​​ May 11 | by Jason ​​


Awesome service! they handled my entire online class. even emailed the teacher to request a grade modification when they got a B on a paper. Profesor gave them makeup work and they completed it free of charge. final grade was a high A. May 05 | by G8tr87​


Have been using this service for several semesters...grades are always B an above. I barely even login anymore to check my stuff. It's always done on time and grades are always good. April 8 | by JennaZ


Used this service to write the final paper for my Master's capstone project. Lil pricey by the time it was finished, but worth the cost in the time it saved me. March 14 | by WCZK138​