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Online Course Management


Clients in our executive course management program enjoy a distinctive service that allows an individual to earn their degree without ever having to set foot into a classroom. This program is ideal for students who are either enrolled in an online university that does not require proctored testing or in online classes at a physical university that does not required proctored testing. This program is also available for online students who are enrolled in classes that do require proctored testing; however these classroom exams are the responsibility of the client.​ ​


After the student has registered and paid for their semester classes, Executive Academics handles the rest. You provide us with your online login ID and password and we complete your class for you. This involves participating in online group work, answering class related emails from your student account, and completing all homework, discussion boards, papers, and exams throughout the duration of the semester. From the first to the final day of class, we manage every aspect of your online course. We may occasionally contact you to verify certain information (example: an introduction discussion board or a personal history paper); however, for the most part our executive course management program is designed as a largely hands off tool for the student.


We guarantee a grade of C or better with a 100% money back policy!

Custom Papers
Papers are completed by college graduates with degrees in fields directly related to your paper topic.
Papers are completed by Native English speakers whom we have personally screened- we do not outsource.
24/7 Service! Custom papers can be completed in as little as 12 hours.
100% originality guarantee!  All papers are processed through a plagiarism check system.
100% confidentiality guarantee! All file properties are cleared of identifying names.
100% on-time guarantee! We will not accept payment for a project unless we are certain that we can meet your timetable for completion.
All papers include free title page and reference page(s).
All papers will be completed with formatting pursuant to current academic standards (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)
You will only be billed for the required page count. If our final product is in excess of your required pages, the additional text is free! ​




Not everyone wants an entire class completed or a full custom paper written, so for these clients, packages are available that include the completion of a singular piece of homework, an individual presentation, or any other bit of random work in a class that does not quite fit into the category of the Executive Course Management program or a custom paper.


Please contact us with the specifics of your assignment and we will provide a customized quote.