The Executive Academics Team

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Unlike the vast majority of custom paper sites, we hand-pick our employees from dozens of applicants each semester. We review writing style, technical skills, time management practices, and basic customer service qualities prior to hiring our employees. We then pay them better than every other comparable service because we firmly believe that an employee who earns what they feel that they deserve is an employee that will perform the way we feel our customers deserve. As a result, our writers are some of the best available in this industry today and as you can see from their qualifications below, their talents combine to form a uniquely qualified group of professionals. 


As a team we hold degrees in, are employed in, or specialize in the following fields:



African Studies

American History

Analysis and Functional Analysis

Biomedical Sciences

Business Administration

Business Management

Christian Studies

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Criminal Justice






European History


Fire Services

Human Resources

Interior Design

International Economics




Molecular Genetics


Paramedic, EMT, First Responder

Peace Studies



Political Science

Project Management


Real Estate

Retail Strategy


Supervision and Management

Theatrical Studies

Urban Planning

Women’s Studies

And Many More! ​


Additionally, while we value the education level and intelligence of intellectuals around the world, we work exclusively with American writers who are located within the United States. We do not outsource internationally- ever. 


Lastly, communication with our tutors is conducted through our management team so that you are always fully in contact with both your tutor and your account manager.  This ensures that you will always receive a near immediate response to any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the process of completing your class or project and that your account manager is always 100% in the loop on the details of your account.